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A memoir is a non-fictional writing piece of memories and events from the author's real life. They focus on personal life, emotional truth, and intimacy. Many people find autobiographies and memoirs as the same thing, and although the definition of both is very similar, there is a key difference. An autobiography most likely covers the whole life, while a memoir is usually focused on a specific part of life. Our qualified team of memoir ghostwriters can write each memoir with utmost sincerity and using the best writing styles.

What Should You Expect From Our Memoir Ghostwriting Services

We can enhance your unique story beautifully, incorporating all the appropriate aspects to emphasize life-changing moments. We keep our clients in the loop while writing their life stories to include every juicy detail in the content.

Personal Memoirs

A personal memoir tends to discuss past events of the author's life. It interprets and analyzes the deeper meaning behind the experience of certain events. It focuses on two main questions; 1) why this particular event holds significance? 2) What did it mean? These questions are answered in the memoir.

Legacy Memoirs

Every individual has a legacy of things that they have achieved or things that they have learned along the journey. Your story is unique, and we at Wiki Ghost believe it should be recorded and preserved in a book. It can be wonderful for the future generation to learn about the bittersweet experiences of their ancestors.

Confessional Memoirs

As the name suggests, a confessional memoir is a piece of writing in which the author confesses his biggest regret. People usually write these memoirs in order to come clean for their past actions and explain what led them to do that.

Portrait Memoirs

Portrait memoirs are written by someone other than the actual person. Basically, they are carefully recorded to be recalled by a third party. In a portrait memoir, the writer does not include his own feelings or thoughts. They only include what they have discovered in their research.

Professional Memoirs

Professional memoirs are written by someone who feels the need to leave a record of their professional experiences. It does only include the writer's accomplishments; it also discusses the struggles he had to face and celebrate people who helped him along the journey.

Why Choose Our Memoir Ghostwriting Service?

Memoirs let the readers see how the other see and perceive the same world but with a new different outlook. Our writers know the key difference between an autobiography and a memoir, and they have the special skill to compose great memoirs. We collect all the significant and special moments of your life to create an engaging book.

Our Memoir Ghostwriting Process

The word memoir is derived from the French mémoire, which means "memory." Basically, a memoir is made when the author recalls and reflects on the experiences from his life. Are you looking for a professional memoir ghostwriting service? You've found us. We have explained our memoir ghostwriting process below; have a look.


In the first stage, our goal is to gather all the information we can to comprehend your story. This first step is the most crucial one, so we try not to rush and patiently listen to your story for hours.


We note down even the tiny details of your story in order to provide you with the best memoir writing service. This means continuous coordination with the client throughout the process.


After gathering enough information, our memoir ghostwriter moves to the next step, which is writing your memoir. We understand that picking the right words is really essential in order to develop the feeling of empathy in the readers.



Our professional ghostwriters will write your story in a way that inspires the readers and evoke certain emotions in them. We send you every chapter and keep your changes and additions in mind while writing your autobiography.


We strive to obtain your complete satisfaction. Hence, if you're not satisfied with a chapter, simply contact us. We offer free revisions to our valuable clients and make the required changes to bring you something that you've originally envisioned.


In the last stage, we deliver the work to you after your final approval. We believe in delivering high-quality work that allows you to achieve your dreams. Contact us today and let us know how we can help you.


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