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With years of experience, we guarantee promising results and remarkable outcomes to our respected clients. At Wiki Ghostwriter, we bring you a vast team of fiction ghostwriters for hire who are skillful and can expertly transform your ideas into mesmerizing fiction books. Fiction ghostwriting demands excellent creative skills that allow you to indulge in the magical world of fiction, where you get to interact with impactful characters and inspiring tales. As one of the leading fiction ghostwriting services providers, we go above and beyond to produce a plot that engages and attracts the readers. No matter how twisted the plot is, we know how to shape up a story in a way that can build an emotional bond with the target readers. When drafting the plot, we make sure to keep in mind the perspective and needs of the target readers.

Types Of Fiction Genre We Ghostwrite

The abilities and skillset of our talented and expert fiction ghostwriters have led us to become one of the leading fiction books writing companies. We have picked the best authors from every corner of the world who loves nothing more than to play with intriguing plots and inspiring characters. We go to any lengths to obtain your 100% satisfaction.

Romance Fiction Ghostwriting Services

It is not enough to have a great love story idea; you must specialize in the field of love and lust to absorb the readers into the story. Our romance ghostwriters have years of experience in writing romance fiction books who know how to compose an emotional through-line that leads to an optimistic conclusion.

Action-Adventure Novel Ghostwriting Services

Action and adventure writing includes interesting characters, great suspense, and a mind-blowing thrill that keeps the readers on the edge of their seats. Our ghostwriters possess an incredibly creative imagination that is required to write enthralling action and adventure fiction books. We know how to captivate readers from the very beginning till the end.

Travel Fiction Ghostwriting Services

Travel fiction books are about a protagonist discovering a certain destination and how that destination changes his life. Every journey tells a story. Travel fiction is an artful portrayal of how an interaction with a specific place changes a person. Hence, it places great importance on a certain destination in connection with the main lead of the book.

Anthology Ghostwriting Services

The anthology is basically a compilation of poems or other pieces of writing. It is one of the most preferred genres as they provide the chance to experience works from unfamiliar genres, cultures, and eras.

Horror Fiction Book Writing

Writing on horror fiction might prove to be the most difficult task for most writers as they need to incorporate thrills and chills, scary characters, and electrifying plots that keep the readers on the edge of their seats. If you have a great horrifying storyline in your mind but struggling to get it on the paper, then knock on our door.

Why Choose Our Fiction Ghostwriting Services?

Our ghostwriting services have been trusted by hundreds of customers around the world. Here are a few good reasons to pick us.

Our Fiction Ghostwriting Process

When writing fiction books, you first need to be specific about your preferred genre. Moreover, we provide ghostwriting services along with other services such as branding, editing, and publishing. You can either opt for each service separately or select all of them together. We suggest you to take a look at our all-in-one package. After you have finalized, you can contact our customer support team or fill out the brief form on our website. We will get back to you shortly to confirm your order, and the ghostwriter will then start writing your book chapter by chapter. You can rest assured that we will ask for your approval after each chapter. After your fiction book is completed, it will be sent to the editing department to be edited. After your final approval, your order will be considered complete.

Sign Up & Share Your Story Brief

You might have an incredible idea but finding it hard to work on it. Sign up and share what you have in mind with us and let us understand your thought process. We promise to transform your idea into a wonderful fiction book that will be loved by the readers.

Client Coordination

As soon as we get all the necessary details of your book, we will start the writing process. Throughout the process, we will keep you in the loop to update you about the progress of your book. As your opinion matters to us, we will keep taking your suggestions from time to time.

Bring Your Story to Life

We promise to stay true to your initial idea while also adding professional expertise. We achieve this by matching your project with the perfect writer that best suits your style.


Editing the Book

Once our ghostwriters have finished writing your book, they will send it to the editing department. The editors will polish your work to perfection until you are completely satisfied.

Free Revisions

Not satisfied with a chapter? We’ll revise it for you without charging an extra penny. At Pacific Ghostwriting, we do our best to cater to your changes and make sure that you are satisfied with the end results.

Share Your Book With the World

After the editing process is completed, your book is now ready to be shared with the audience. You can also conveniently access your book in the format you desire.


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