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Wiki Ghostwriter is a professional ghostwriting firm that provides a vast range of writing services, including biography writing services. We understand that it can be challenging and tricky to write a biography. Hence, we provide you with a simple and lucid method. No more entering search queries like "write my biography" on Google. We are here to help you out. To compose a biography, you need to collect detailed information from all the authentic and reliable sources. In short, you need to get into the shoes of the person you're describing the life of. Therefore, we conduct extensive research and gather information from the correct sources. The main goal of a biography is not only for the readers to see you as a successful person, but an individual that they can relate to. This is executed by composing your biography in a manner that shows you in a positive light while keeping the reader engaged from the beginning till the end. Our professional biography writers are well-aware of all the important elements of an excellent biography.

What Can You Expect From Our Biography Ghostwriting Service?

With a massive team of professional biography writers for hire, we guarantee to deliver flawless content that is composed according to your requirements. Our process starts with plenty of research, merging all available resources like publications, interviews, newspapers, or any other article that helps the cause. You can rest assured that we collect data from the most legitimate sites and add proper citations to the content. Our professional biography writers are experts in maintaining a balance of frankness and professionalism in your biography. Are you thinking, can someone write my biography for me? Well, we have the best people for the job.

Historical Fiction Biography

This genre tells the fictionalized story of an actual person's life. These actual stories are mainly dramatized and often inspired by real-life events. While some may be legitimately correct, it is not certain.

Academic Biography

An academic biography expresses the essentials of an individual's academic career. They seriously depend on documentation or physical proof of a person's achievements. In order to write an academic biography, one has to conduct in-depth research and check the facts at every stage.

Fictionalized Academic Biographies

The fictionalized academic biography aims to merge the best elements of fictional biography, i.e., entertainment, with a powerful theme and storyline and the academic biography, i.e., factual accuracy. These types of biography are considered as most entertaining. You must be thinking, "Can I write my biography?" However, keep in mind that having a great idea and putting it into paper are two different things.

Executive Bio Writing

An executive bio speaks about your professional journey in a way that no document can. Our brilliant executive bio writing service is designed for busy professionals across the world who aspire to connect with top influencers and company ambassadors.

Prophetic Biography

Prophetic biographies follow a specific pattern, and they are mainly written for the betterment of humankind and created with the only intention of spiritual enlightenment.

Why Choose Our Executive Bio Writing Service?

If you have been entering search queries like, "can someone write my biography" then it's time to stop now. We have established a powerful reputation in the industry because of our quality of work and consistency. Our biggest aim remains to build a strong relationship with our clients and satisfy them completely.

Our Biography Ghostwriting Process

With years of experience, we have developed the expertise to provide you with remarkable work in less time. Are you wondering how we do it? We have explained our writing process in detail below, so you are always aware of what stage your project is on. Share your project with our professional biography writers today!


In the first stage, our aim is to gather all the information we can to understand your story. This initial step is the most important one, so we try not to rush and patiently listen to your story for hours.


We record even the tiny details of your story in order to provide you with an authentic write my biography service. This means constant coordination with the client throughout the process.


After gathering sufficient information, our biography writers move to the next step, which is writing your biography. We understand that choosing the right words is really important in order to develop the feeling of empathy in the readers.



Our professional biography writers will write your story in a way that inspires the readers and evoke the right emotions in them. We send you every chapter and keep your changes and additions in mind while seeking your approval.


We strive to obtain your complete satisfaction. Hence, if you're not satisfied with a chapter, simply contact us. We offer free revisions to our valuable clients and make the required changes to bring you something that you've imagined.


In the last stage, we deliver the work to you after your final approval. We believe in delivering high-quality work that allows you to achieve your dream. You will never have to look for the most reliable "write my biography" service anywhere else.


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